• If I were buying a Journe, the Black Label series would be my first and only choice. Platinum with a black dial is killer, and this Chronometre Souverain offers something even the red-hot Chronometre Bleu cannot: a Black Label option.

  • Another beautiful FPJ piece, but I prefer the CB version in tantalum. I agree with FPJ re the importance of the look of the dial. If the watch is not pleasing to the eye, it doesn’t matter what is under the hood.

  • A master piece from FP Journe, the price tag is for the exclusivity and the quality of the entire time piece. But still too much for me 😀 but if I had the money would get it in a heart beat.

  • Alvin Aw says:

    Super slim with those rather unique minute & hour hand. Smart handsome timepiece. But the price tag….. Fwoooooo!

  • Dan Tan says:

    Very nice!

    Nearly USD$64,000.00.

    Well over what I can afford.

    Lucky person that will be able to afford this.

  • Vali Sechi says:

    The lightbox isn’t ideal for these hands on reviews. I’m not a professional but the watches look cold and desaturated. They look infinitely better and more real in your watches live videos under normal light

  • Are there any F.P Journes with red text on the dial?

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