• Allah ne kisiko itna diya hai jiski had nhi aur kisiko itna diya hai ke wo 1000bar sochta hai kese apna ghar chalau apne bache palu maa baap ki khidmat karu I heart paise wale log

  • Hes so blessed . Its good karma because of his forefathers. I think hes a good man

  • Assd K says:

    Allah Don't Like Those People's Who Waste Money Or Collect Money, And Naver Use The Money For Poor People's, In This World Many Poor People's Have No Their Home, They Lead Their Life Under The Open Sky, So Think About Them Help Them, They The Sultan Call Real Sultan.

  • Assd K says:

    Allah Naver Likes Those Sultans Who Use Gold, Allah Like Those Sultan,s, Who' Help All Orphans And Help Poor Hunger Peoples, Bcoz After Death Allah Ask That Wealth Which I Was Provide You, Where Where You Was Spend its, So That Time Allah Will Angry, Life Is A Dream And Very Short, So Did Batter And Help Others, Then Allah Will Be Happy.

  • Asslamualaikum and to bruneians out there, just ignore the ppl who said bad things about brunei and sultan. democratic they say? freedom of speech they say? then let them say whatever they want if that what makes them better. its just useless talking to them when their minds are alrdy corrupted excpt those who seek for the truth. talking to those kind of pple is just like throwing a ball to a wall and it bounces back to us. they will never listen and they will never be satisfied.

    but for us, we've been nurtured to live to respect ppl and to always take things in a positive way, and leave aside the negativity in any circumstances. that what makes bruneian of today. regardless what they've said, they can never change the way we feel about our country and to the sultan. we are like happy family. strong bonds between the sultan and the ppl thats for sure! we are absolutely happy and grateful to our ruler. we live with blessings in Brunei.

    those ppl are just lacking of knowledge. they've blurted out something that is fake or false. claiming that they know everything abt brunei, rejecting the facts and rejecting the truth! their thoughts are full of negativity. myb bcus they are influenced by their surroundings which makes them stupid and cannot think any better.

    they're just like someone who came out from nowhere and say
    ' hey everyone 1+1=0 ' and hey! ahahaha he's claiming its true and wanted to make pple believe of what he claimed. thats just pity! and pity them!
    and just imagine that someone saying to the ppl of brunei hey ur sultan is terrorist or greedy or hypocrite or any equivalent of those wrongful statements. and hell yeah! ppl will just see him as crazy or just maybe having malfunction brain that could not be cured! and the better way is by ignoring them. let it be like a sudden wind passes by. infact we know that we've been experiencing living in a peaceful country for decades now where almost no crime reported living in this country.
    we all know that they just said something that is contradictory to our country. yet they think they are right neglected that their country commicted hundreds of crimes everyday or even to the extend of thousands maybe. democracy is better? then let them see the successful monarchy in Brunei for decades and the unsuccessful of most democratic countries throughout the world which only lead to WARS! let them look at their surroundings and let them look at their leaders! myb they are jeleous the fact that sultan is the second oldest ruler in the world after Elizabeth.

    and yeah bruneians, the best way to react to such people is silence. and the best attitude is the ones who easily forgives.
    and The prove is what we are today, Happy and blessings all over Brunei. thats what it is all about. that's what all matters. peace. Allahuakbar!

  • Sooo fckin rich … ohh wow oh wow … im so speechless

  • 3d, winner, peopledjdancefotografer xambiktindakan

  • Y Es says:

    I’m a Bruneian

  • ya paint yourself gold

  • Woaw 😮 fairy tale castle!

  • apri lia says:

    Heaven on earth

  • Car Future says:

    Take 99 % , give back 1 %
    Is good ??????????

  • Can I just have just ONE of your cars……😉👍💕

  • Saiful Gazi says:

    Good, I want to Video Life……………

  • Aliza KHAN says:

    May Allah bless you king of Brunei….long live Brunei….Lot of love from Pakistan.

  • Too much.!! No matter he helps a lot to his peoples nor other countries BUT still he doesn' t spending money for luxirius becoz Islam teaches us moderate in everything..

  • VANESHHRE U says:

    Even in India we were having more rich people than them….but that fuck over British men has looted us….

  • priya priya says:

    Beautiful couple God bless her

  • Atsilk m3 says:


  • Every thing in his palace was of gold. What about his grave? Was it also made of gold? Or he was buried in the dust?

  • Daullatuanku hambalah dayang senandong

  • SUB3ERO !! says:

    Never judge a book by his cover, n allah knows best

  • SuperZX says:

    No taste. That Rolls-Royce Woof!

  • SuperZX says:

    No taste. That Rolls-Royce Woof!

  • This is sure that Almighty Allah show his power to mankind. He can do anything to anybody. He show his power through this king. This is test for him and test for all mankind also. Therefore we never backbit in some other persons wealth. We have to pray to Allah, give this king good knowledge to spend each and every dollar to right way and for that benefit more helpful to here and after.

  • Mutya Sante says:

    Wow ….,what a beautiful mansion everything is gold ….including the cars gold plated and inside and outside the mansion so beautiful ….very blessed

  • Bob Warren says:

    What does Brunei produce that makes this man so wealthy? Why is the country's GNP not dispersed more evenly to the population of the country? Why are we supposed to be impressed by the wealth of people who seem to own their own countries? Who designs his hilarious costumes?

  • our question is about surviaval. people are dying in here because of lack of food. its a blessing for you to help this country. one day we all die. but doing good things wiil rest our soul in peace. blessing for you dear.

  • Dearest sultan of Brunei do you know that there is this country called Ethiopia? we need you to visit us.

  • Bosco says:

    Does the so-called sultan stone Brunei people to death from that golden throne?

  • Vitrom Vitro says:

    HUSS , PEOPLE . .SO HUNGRY !!!!!!!

  • Alexott says:

    Inanely pathetic. Apart from being a lesson in baaad taste what the hell this display of waste meant to achieve? …Ahhh… But he pays his "that which purifies" zakat! Wow. I think the expected amount in koranic law is 2.5%… Don't think that'll clean your conscience ,or cover it in any way, mate! (Oh Yes! But I'm just jealous. Haaahaahaahaa. I'd give an arm and a leg NOT to be the deluded twat!)

  • pat mendoza says:

    My favorite Sultan Bolkiah, among all other Kings of the world…

  • The nicest and coolest king ever. A huge love and respect from Pakistan

  • AlexHector says:


  • I'm guessing everything in the fridge is Gold.

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