• Isai Ramirez says:

    Audi BMW Lexus Mercedes Benz

  • anh le says:

    2019 Kia K9 – interior Exterior & Drive @u 💝 💘 https://youtu.be/80zD5XE14NE

  • You are one hell of a showman for a company. You are very knowledgeable and you add a bit of inspirational value for the viewer. Great job my friend !

  • I absolutely love mine!

  • Alter-Vu says:

    Any1 wants to know look this up on a search engine the word Ciakar is real just the info is iffy. Look up Ciakar reptilian on a search engine once, and think of this vehicle brand and what it is. Coincidance? Lol.

  • Julius Jones says:

    Fastest sedan on the market

  • The only thing I’m not a fan of is the dashboard looks like a Ford Taurus

  • Haiman's TV says:

    This car has a great value and can be an option because it's cheaper than other brands with same category and it's cheaper for a reason and that's because it's still not as good as the other brands and you can sense that once you get on board, however, if you want to buy a BMW 7 series with same options you will pay more than a $100000, that's why he ended by Valuable Luxury and he's right.

  • lil Gazzi says:

    Check Craigslist for this car it's probably worth $1,000

  • lil Gazzi says:

    Everytime I hear Kia I think of Korea what are the odds 😂😂

  • FazeTug says:

    It’s just a Kia

  • Hell naw I’m not buying a brand. Im buying this joint next year. Eff buying a logo

  • They should change that badge like Hyundai did the genesis,and it will sell. Every one know Kia as a cheap car not luxury car

  • Manuel Bou says:

    As long as keeps it original KIA badge, its just going to be that cheap ol kia, its a cat dressed as a lion.

  • lun sok says:

    This car keep me think away from other luxurious brand car because interior look is quite letting me to think other brand is a simple look and just as usual.

  • Chris Krilly says:

    Great review..I went from an SUV to a Kia Cadenza with every last feature I wanted and I love it. Finally got a car that has everything I need without breaking the bank. You're right if the badges were removed and someone got in this vehicle they wouldn't know what brand it would be. People are still stuck on the hype not that these premium names we know are overrated…just overpriced.

  • 한성운 says:

    i really wondering how bad pespective you guy's thought about kia or hyundal?
    in korea also has a bad pespective about this car even more brand…
    i just want to know foreigner's thinking

  • kace kace says:

    just an update, I returned my 2015 today. leather on dash and arm rest was wearing off. ac compressor needed to be replaced and the transmission issue was never figured out. slipping and clunky into gears. I traded straight out for a 2016. it's a v6, it's not that bad, vip black and brown, tan 230 miles. hope it's better

  • kace kace says:

    I agree. I picked one up couple months ago , white on white, vip, v8 20k miles for 30k. gave me 7k for my trade in. happy with the purchase. great car. I would never pay 60k for it. at 30k it's a bargain

  • KING MESSIAH says:

    I need my car to be comfortable because I love to drive, comfortable seats, and a quiet ride.. I'm considering it. I don't care about turning a corner tight, long as I floor it and she gets up, that's all I need her to do. cant forget Bluetooth quality

  • KING MESSIAH says:

    that car looks cleaaaan.. all the bell and whistles and not spending that ridiculous amount. seeing them used for 30k!! got my attention!

  • Denny Le says:

    Kia buyers eat paste

  • Jared Ostler says:

    this is almost an S-class for $60,000 how can you go wrong with this car

  • dre bell says:

    slap a lexxus GS on it and u wouldn't be able to tell

  • Darban says:

    canine hundred

  • Mr_ NutZ says:

    I'm not a fan of Korean cars but they've come a long way since 1990's and they are the cheap alternative for a lot of expensive Japanese and German luxury cars. they still need to work on steering though I've tried one and didn't really like it. I love driving and that's a minus point besides that it's an awesome car.

  • Sea Edu says:

    i would take this or lexus anyday over german cars…

  • Sami Sid says:

    holy shit. you must be stupid to call thus ugly puffer fish, a beautiful car.

  • camplain kia about paint codes not fixed

  • David L says:

    I won't buy KIA=Killed In Action. Change the name Please.

  • Jay S. says:

    Slap a Mercedes logo on it and you Eurofags will happily pay $100,000 for it lmao

  • Daniel Choi says:

    it's better than lexus

  • Dani Wayne says:

    Looks amazing especially with this white interior ! I wish I can buy it in UK

  • Kenny C says:

    Good for KIA!! They REALLY need a premium namesake and some different badges. Toyota, Nissan, GM, they all have flagship brands. I think we're seeing cars that CAN and DO deliver prestigious looks, ride, and amenities without the six-digit price. However, KIA does have a six-digit warranty that nobody else offers. 10 years or 100,000 miles and an exceptional deal. These are cars you buy with 10K on the odometer for half retail.

  • Josh Denham says:

    I have an Amanti. I actually got it by accident. Our family flips cars and we change them as much as most people change their oil. Having owned an Audi A6, several BMW's, a Saab….etc….I must say even though it initially seemed awful I gave it a chance and was impressed. It has everything that the Audi had. The number one problem however is the overall driving feel. It just doesn't have the rock solid feel of some of the higher end cars. The auto-stick is basically useless as well. It just feels……cheap. But they are getting there. The drive by wire system isn't very good and I can't say exactly what is wrong with the handling other than it's too light and too prone to understeer. Fix that, and they might be a competitor

  • If you to be Killed In Action go no further 😊

  • Eschatonx says:

    This guy has the most unconvincing voice I've ever heard from a reviewer.

  • Time for a new name badge that fits the car and style

  • Looks very nice and smooth but Idk what it is about that KIA sign it makes me think of Fisher price baby basketball courts. BMW and Mercedes makes me think of diamonds and violins. lol

  • he~a. you're a natural. black young ! !!!

  • i couldnt see the motor. all i saw was the plastic cover

  • why would u buy this when you can buy a Genesis

  • I have been driven (by my father) in the most luxurious cars on earth. Not that he was rich, but because of his profession (company chauffeur). I know the difference with cheap cars and the difference is huge. Then, as a child, I resolved to buy one of these luxury cars of my own, one day. If not new, then second hand. Then, I started to earn my own money and saw the value of it and that it is not that simple to maintain a luxury car. Buying is not the problem, certainly not second hand, but maintaining it (fuel, garage bills, tyres, Insurance, road tax etc). Choices, choices…. In fact I was so naive, I thought an expensive car would never break and never wear, because they were so well made. Yeah, right…  So, now I drive a Mitsubishi Mirage and you know what? Suddenly all that luxury seems very superficial. In the end, a car is a machine that brings you where you want, warm or cool, dry and reliably. Small is handy, economical, nimble. I like that. I feel sorry for people burning so much money in depreciation and fuel and all that. Probably they have to work hard to earn all that money to burn. And what does that bring? Nothing but status. The hell with status. I really do not care about status, fashion and the like. That is for narrow minded people who are focused on externals and trinkets. Am I cheap or just rational? haha. No, not for me this kind of car. I know better ways to spend money.

  • Orlando 1106 says:

    Kia and Hyundai will never be perceived as the luxury German cars. Never.

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