• Klagmar says:

    I don’t have anything special for Halloween, but I thought I’d at least feature something in the spirit of the holiday (and related to yesterday’s upload as well I suppose). Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an upcoming spiritual successor to the Castlevania games, headed by that series’ lead producer, Koji Igarashi. As with all Kickstarted games, I’m approaching it with cautious optimism, but the team seems very passionate about capturing what made the classic Castlevania games so special and from what I’ve heard the demo is quite solid (though I personally wish it had retained the 2D hand-drawn art style shown in initial conceptual images). Anyway, it seems longtime series composer Michiru Yamane has joined to help with the music, as well as Jake Kaufman (who seems to help out on all the best indie titles nowadays). The style of the few tracks they’ve released certainly has that Castlevania flair.

  • Pablo C.J says:

    man could you upload the complete version of Holy Wisdom please??

  • fickminne says:

    Bits and pieces of this reminds me of the Silent Prison from Portrait of Ruin–

  • Excelente melodía, encuentro cierto estilo al de Castlevania. Gracias amigo por compartir. 😀

  • DeathStroyer says:

    Nice track! Have you played Owlboy yet? Such a beautiful game

  • C-4567 says:

    Man, I found you because I love listening to your Super Meat Boy OST videos, and it makes perfect sense youd like this game too XD

  • Woah, this sounds so Metroidvania. Can't wait to play it! I hope its 3d graphics doesn't disappoint though.

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