• Adam Buesser says:

    I hope not all US prisons should have a maximum security prison like Halden. But we can try a similar approach in the coming years.

  • what is the reoffending rate of this prison/the chance that prisoners that get free from there commit a crime again

  • Liam Doyle says:

    The American prison system is all about retribution not rehabilitation. That is why there are so many repeat offenders there. America has the highest prison population per capita in the western world.

  • Example of a Norwegian prison.
    Even inmates are happy in Norway.

  • rindomitable says:

    Rehabilitate or punish – choose the objective of your prison system.

    And by extension, your justice system, your education system, your social system, your…. And then we can move on to the question of what eliminates the need for 'rehabilitation' (and the answer is not fear of punishment).

  • Karl Urbahn says:

    If someone murdered my parents in cold blood and then spent years in a luxurious mansion of a prison like this, I would probably struggle with the thought of that emotionally. But intellectually it makes – perfect sense – to encourage inmates to be good people by treating them as good people. As a Christian who loves Jesus Christ, I am commanded by God to forgive those who do me wrong and cause me to suffer unjustly. If people were more willing to have that attitude, our world would be so much better for everybody. I fully support the idea of prison being a place for perfecting people, not punishing them. That being said, I do think that Halden inmates are being treated rather too well! I believe there should be at least some punishment in prison.

  • mashroob says:

    Nicer culture, nicer people… better way of life… missing black people… mmm hmm!

  • Angie Walkup says:

    United States prison system sucks we treat our animals better ! all they care about is money and inmate bodies are money to them

  • I don't know hot I got to your channel but I'm enjoying way too much of the content you have posted here. It's amazing to see how the Scandinavian countries are so ahead in a lot of aspects. Greetings from México.

  • Eric Tanner says:

    Do they wipe the inmates ass after they take a shit? Probably.

  • Perhaps america can send its inmates to norway for rehab? ;3

  • As a criminal…this is fucking top!!!

  • imagine all the scum of the earth coming to norway just to murder someone so they can move in to that luxury hotel and stay for free

  • M17 says:

    6:00 The shock on his face is priceless 😂😂😂😂

  • I really do not like this individual. He seems very close minded

  • I BraveHeart says:

    I think it's a good system for sure but in terms of the smoking in the cells I don't think that should be allowed considering that it's a work place for the staff and the prisoners don't NEED to smoke. Smoking outside sure but not while there in there cells.

  • let me tell u a small secret , there are no black people and mexicans in norway

  • 호세 says:

    I dont like the America man. His face was very unwelcoming. This kind of system wouldn't work in the usa because the usa has an extreme violent culture were drugs and weapons are easily available.

  • anthony mark says:

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  • not with my tax dollars. hell no. is this some sort of piss take(nz)

  • Paul Khan says:

    looks like the American warden has gone into shock and hes struggling with his composure to be impressed by the possibility that this initiative just might work

  • WhyRuz says:

    Not to be a dick, but the whole revenge thing is incredibly egoistic. The concept of that it is more important for this guy to have it as shitty as possible because he hurt me or somebody I care about, instead of being treated like a human being and preparing them for a
    society/rehabilitate them so that they don't hurt anybody else is very little considerate of your fellow citizens. Revenge will never undo what have happened, but rehabilitation prevents stuff from happening again.

  • WhyRuz says:

    Lol. I love the se the reaction of foreigners especially Americans when they see Norwegian prisons. But I don't get that people are surprised that it is that much more effective than the US prison system. It is kind of obvious actually. If you don't rehabilitate the inmates, how can you expect them to be better and not worse when they get out?

  • That is not a prison
    That is a Holiday Camp
    i an moving to Norway
    What a JOKE

  • Rebellion PL says:

    Idiotic naive leftist lalaland

  • Mark Price says:

    he has the worst resting bitch face ever…lighten up you fat sack of shit and don't be so ignorant

  • Sand Nigger says:

    in Russia that would be a nice hotel =))

  • AVLRECORDS says:

    Wardens are so fucking stupid… if you make a BAD environment for prisoners.. u also create this for the warden… = bad energy = poor working conditions.
    And america and their 3rd world country…. no wonder that man go shocked

  • Haha! He doesn't even suspect that he has been brainwashed.

  • To everyone that thinks that this types of prisons will lead to more crime because people want to get caught. If you live on your own now, picture you have to live with your parents again, because of some messed up decisions you have made. Your parents will make all the rules for you. How late you have to get up and go to bed, when you do what every day, what you eat every day, when you can see friends ect. When you were a kid, it was probably fine. But as an adult that tasted personal freedom, you won't think it is a good life.

    Now your parents are strangers that make up your day routine and you get roommates that you have to life with one way or another. That alone is already punishment and that is why Norway has such a low reoffending rate. Don't expect people to be humane if you don't treat them like a human. Norway is one of the few countries that gets that. And the bullshit of "victims demand satisfaction" is also not holding up. Making sure the reoffending rate is super low, decreases the amount of new victims that never have to demand satisfaction is way better. And I know there are people that are just plain evil, but that does not mean every criminal is like that.

  • Mai Nem says:

    I don't see how James can get ANY satisfaction in his job – seeing inmate after inmate being brutalised, and being eventually released to being a brutal thug, who comes back again.

    Here in the UK – the severe understafffing has driven many prison officers to drink, even a litre of spirits a day while on the job .. even joining in with the inmates' drug parties (supplied by drones). [source: BBC]

    These Norwegian prison officers seem to have a good relationship with their inmates, and seem to enjoy their work.

    Success is not measured by how much the bad guy suffers, but by how much he changes into a useful member of society; just by being consistently exposed to decent normal behaviour!

    For the UK – our prison system clearly sucks – it's broken down completely.

    This is a good chance to try something different that has been proven to work – but we would need to ban the use of "criminal records" in employment interviews. That's half the problem – a criminal can't get a job. I would be very interested to know if this is a problem in Norway … do the released inmates find a job?

  • Guinnessian says:

    I think the Norwegian system of how to handle inmates makes sense. They try to 'fix' the inmate and prepare
    him or her for the life outside the walls after the sentence is done. Most other prisons around the world is about
    revenge or whatever you want to call it. The US have a 'return to prison' at a rate of 70 % within five years.
    Norway has a rate of less than 20% . so go figure.
    I can understand the phrase 'rot in prison' but as long as your sentence is not a life time you should be prepared
    for the life after you have done your sentence.
    At the same time I'd like to kick the US system in its ass. What is the point of giving someone a sentence of four lifetimes plus 274 years in prison ? Where is the logic ? All that is needed is "You will be in our custody until you die"

  • WANAKO says:

    the guy is ready to shoot someone

  • WANAKO says:

    commitment a crime does not turn people in to an animal. look at Trump for example he is a rapist and also the president of the most powerful country in the world

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