• Kara Israel says:

    I would just like to know why Stila thought that kind of pump was a better idea than the tried and true normal pump in the first place. That's one thing that bothers me a lot about ALL companies these days. People are so into things being faster and easier that companies seem to almost be SEARCHING for solutions to "problems" we didn't really have to begin with. Come on guys. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • Jenn Montes says:

    I wonder if you could do a review of the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation?

  • Kokitoro M says:

    Can you tell me please what’s the $5.00 foundation . And what products are you wearing on this video. Hope you answer. Thank you

  • Wow!, How ironic. You complain about Stila's pump after you let the foundation dry up and clog the mechanism. You are grossed out because the Sisley foundation is in a jar and you don't want to "poke your fingers in there and get bacteria everywhere". THEN you show a Wet N Wild foundation you now love, and I can see how disgusting the "neck" of the bottle is. CLEAN SH>> UP, woman!!! GROSS! If your makeup spoils, it is because YOU aren't very hygienic.

  • Lea Waters says:

    The makeup forever water blend works for dry/hydrated skin (duh!) 😉
    It is a light cover, but buildable. If you just want to even out your skin tone and you don’t have a lot going on with your face, I’m telling you this foundation is amaze ballsssssss

  • PetenshiDaa says:

    I use that wet n wild because you recommended it in a video you tried it. 😀

  • Salma Nagy says:

    Please again tell us which powder foundation is good , and how to set it. Please

  • Yay!! Thank you SOOOOO Much for all your work and Help!!!! It was very fun, helpful, insightful and informative…. Get some lunch!!

  • Please do a full face tutorial from primer to eyeshadow to liner, lashes all on camera. You are amazing and i feel like we are best friends i watch you all day everyday. Do you have a makeup line or a colaberation with a company i w o uld love tati to add to my makeup collecetion…

  • I LOVE your EYES 👀 Giiirl, you are so gorgeous. 💕

  • L'Oreal makes a great Talc and Fragrance free Mineral powder foundation called L'ORÉAL True Match Naturale Powdered Mineral Foundation SPF 19 for $10.99 (Ulta). I used it for years and it worked well even though I have dry, sensitive skin. Right now I have the IT Cosmetics Celebration Illumination and PUR 4 in 1 Powder foundations and they're both good but I think I'll try the L'oreal again when I'm out because it's a lot more affordable. I do prefer the IT COSMETICS one because it comes in a compact with a decent brush.

  • I just tried stila foundation for the first time. I love it. I have combination skin with a lot of texture, large pores and wrinkles. Works great for me. Everybody are different 😉

  • tink ie says:

    tati, just let go,….girl lolol

  • Susan Bryant says:

    Tatl you are beautiful and your hair always looks great to. Love the length.

  • I actually adore the water weight foundation. I know that full coverage is the trend, but I hate it (and don’t need it because I have nearly flawless skin anyway). It covers up my redness and slight imperfections and my skin looks absolutely perfect.

  • Laura Wu says:

    I have extremely dry skin and am constantly on the lookout for good fuller coverage foundations. You've just given me some really excellent leads! Thanks so much!!!

  • I got a stila foundation for 10 dollars, but it seems good…? I got it from TJ Maxx

  • Couldn’t ya return items that didn’t work like sisley to her $200 back or places don’t let ya return like Ulta or Sephora?

  • IamPreTjenE says:

    You can go on google and get a pronunciation of each of these lines…that's geevaushi (Givinchy) not Geevaughnchee

  • Nothing says:

    Please do a review of YVES SAINT LAURENTTOUCHE ECLAT LE TEINT Radiance Awakening Foundation SPF 22. I love ur videos!

  • Omg this video is awesome Lolol

  • As I've aged, my skin has gotten SUPER dry. Man I'd kill to to try some of those foundations.

  • 1000% correct re: Stila- initially nice, but pores and lines UBER exaggerated after an hour. Love their Lip sticks, no budge and gorgeous but the foundation is such an epic fail.

  • Lucie B says:

    Oh, the makeup for ever fondation, i used it for a fashion show on so many models, and actually it is a very cool foundation, you just have to do some layers and it is perfect for a light look in a young girl with good skin and i you have more to cover, just go with a concealer :3

  • Just found your videos. Wow you are great. Love your make up. Thanks so much for tips. Just subscribed!

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