• It's My Life says:

    I love your hair back in the high bun.

  • I have the chanel WOC with silver hardware and I really love it! I think it is really worth every single penny!

  • Pinkie Cribb says:

    Get the speedy b25!!!!!!!!! Don't hesitate – you will love it! I just purchased it in the azur 😊 I have the classic speedy in 30 in Abene but in the bandouliere the 25 looks better I think.

  • m m says:

    Hi Crystal love all your videos! Since you like bloom collection from Gucci and currently in the market for small wallet, do try the their small wallet in bloom. I love mine so much even more than my LV wallets, very pretty!

  • Dell Ellis says:

    I am an Hermes fan, They never go out , there is no monogram that not yours, and they will always be reconditioned by Hermes. I love scarves and they are my favorite. I can change any outfit with a gorgeous Hermes scarf. The jewelry and belts are so fun. Do not buy the largest 40 because it is heavy. It is heavy empty.

  • Your pitch is very practical it makes a lot of sense most luxury items hold great value. You can always sale it and get a return on them….smart women!

  • I love, love my Chanel WOC! I have it in silver leather with silver hardware. It looks lovely with a summer outfit or with a black outfit during the holidays. It is more functional than you would expect. When traveling I wear it crossbody with my phone and passport/ID. Go for it! Gucci was my first luxury purchase as well.

  • Got the black gucci Marmont shoes last fall. Love them. Gucci is really stepping up their game.

  • The Victorine is the perfect small wallet and lv now has it in most prints. It's even coming out in Azur soon. Also you would love the toiletry bags. I have the 19 and 26 and just ordered the 15 for the trifecta!

  • Tage Hano says:

    My favorite handbags brands are Chanel and Dior😍😍

  • slowrunner40 says:

    I also meant to tell you my dh and I are going on Allure of the Seas in April for our 20 year anniversary. I watched your review and it inspired me. So thanks!

  • slowrunner40 says:

    I am not really into Chanel at all as I cannot stand flaps, lol! I just hate them. I feel $3000 for the wallet on the chain is expensive for what looks like a teen version of the flap. I have LV bags and quite a few Rebecca Minkoff. I just sold my Neverfull GM Mono! It was new too. It was just too big and I had buyers remorse and didn't exchange it in time. I have the Eva which I love, especially for travel as it has the crossbody strap as well as a clutch with chain at night. I also love my LVTracadero, and I just bought a 2005 Deauville in perfect condition which I prefer to the SpeedyB 35 for travel. I just need to buy a Mono strap. I have a Speedy I bought new in 2002 and the canvas is perfect but I went to buy the SpeedyB 35 and it feels so light and thin. I was so disappointed and I found out they started making them thinner right after they released the B version. I couldn't buy it. I have never had to stuff my Speedy but with the new ones it would be essential. So preloved is the way to go. Try and find one from the first year or two they did the SpeedyB. I would think this would be for the Keepalls too although I don't have one. I prefer a small rolling luggage as I am 50 and hate carrying anything too heavy. Then I will just have my LV Deauville and I am good! I love the LV Montaigne BB. I am probably going to get it now that I sold my NF. I also love the Noe BB but the Vechetta bottom scars me. I read there is a great protector you can apply to prevent water stains. For a wallet I am just not into them. I like putting my cards in a Cles. So I am buying the Mini Pouchete and thinking of using it to put a cles in it and just put cash in there and receipts. If I were you I would go for the Gucci purse.

  • Shea Whitney says:

    I'm loving your channel…I've been sitting here watching them for the last hour!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Love your list!!!! Lots of great items. ❤And yes I agree; nicer things over more things!!! I just got the Hermes 32mm gold/black belt with the gold H buckle at the Hermes store in Buckhead/Atlanta, Georgia for my bday and I LOVE it!!! Super beautiful and very eye catching!!! Def not a regret purchase!!!

  • Grace B says:

    Hi There Miss Crystal,  my first LV was the Alma MM signature 2006, I still have it.  with in a few week of having it I did buy the cross body strap.  which I keep it on even when I use it as a top handle.  I must admit I don't use it as much as I use my MM Totally,  which I have in all 3 prints, by far my favorite.  I also have the speedy 25. I'm 5'1 and it's the perfect size.  What I have found out at least with myself, the bigger the bag the more I tend to add to it.   I also have the insolite wallet which I bought the strap to also use it as a wristlet.  Love the wallet my I phone fits nicely in one of the zippered compartments.  I hope this helps.  Love your video's.  XOXO Grace

  • Liz Hunt says:

    Hey Crystal, I have the Keepall Bandouliere in the 40 and absolutely love it! In fact it's probably one of my most used bags along with my Speedy 25 Bandouliere and my Neverfull MM. The next purse on my wish list has been the LV Saint Germain but now you've put the Gucci Marmont on my radar 😉 I'm going to Charleston in a few weeks so I might have to stop by Gucci then. Good luck deciding 🙂

  • Patsy Cade says:

    Great wish list! I have the Chanel WOC in black and red and love them both. I mainly use them when I only need to take phone, cards, cash, and lipstick. Wears well cross body, also. I think its a must! I love your initial necklace. Is it ever on sale at Stella and Dot?

  • I feel exactly the same way you do about not having too many bags in my collection especially since I have finally realized over the years that I find totes are much more functional for me. I love Henri Bendel bags and my Kate Spade bags. I think I would definitely enjoy the Neverfull PM in the Damier Azur. That will be my one luxury item for this year on my wish list. I enjoyed what you shared on your list! I hope you have a wonderful day. xoxo

  • Hi Crystal – I have the Alma Epi Black Electric (it is the black patent) – I use it frequently but especially love that I have never seen anyone else carrying one:-) I have the Speedy too but I reach for the Alma more often because it is easier to take your wallet out – have fun shopping!

  • Thanks for the video, Crystal! I have the Mono Speedy 30, got it back in 2009. Love it for the iconic nature, but the handles don't make it the most functional at times. I love a good pantina, but the vachetta also always makes me nervous. The Victorine Wallet is at the top of my wish list. I have been carrying smaller bags lately and the long wallets no longer fit. I also love that it has a built in coin pouch.

  • josh1997a says:

    Hi Crystal, I love my zippy compact wallet it is the perfect size if you want a small wallet.I decided it is the perfect wallet for travelling so I think now I am going to by the full size Zippy wallet. Love all you videos thanks!

  • Becky Nelson says:

    Had to comment again, I just loved this video. I can sit and listen to someone talk about handbags all day! 🙂

  • Becky Nelson says:

    I like the look of the Chanel WOC, but I would worry about the chain on my shoulder. I wonder about the comfort of it. The top of my wishlist is the LV Pochette Metis. It would be perfect for my lifestyle. Smaller crossbody that's more casual looking. I don't like the two prints that they have available right now, I'm waiting for the Damier Azur, but not sure if they'll ever make that. I don't like the monogram either. That Amla is sooo cute and I love that black version of it – it is gorgeous!

  • ljmarie says:

    Hi Crystal, where did you get the necklace and bracelet holders that are in the bookcase, in the background? I've been looking for some like that. Thanks!!

  • Erica Crouse says:

    I recommend the Clémence Wallet. Mine is in Damier Ebene. Love it!

  • teddiboo boo says:

    Hey girl!

    I want any Chanel bag, Chanel tweed blazer in black, Hermes belt ( my last name starts with H. Heehee) , more Hermes scarves, and herme bangles. I had the speedy bag and it was kind of a pain getting things out of it for some reason. It didn't work for me. Plus, it reminds me of the 80's!
    I had a fake duffle( I dont know the name)- anyways, I had it stolen while traveling. Thank god it wasn't real. If you buy a vintage, make sure you take it as carry on or weekend trips so it doesn't get snagged! I guess they are target bags to steal.

  • Carol Whalen says:

    I have 3 Chanel wocs. Red, navy blue, and black. I love them! They hold a lot more than you would think. I highly recommend them!

  • Why would anyone thumbs down this video? I don't get people. You're great Crystal😊

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